Welcoming Sarah, our First Customer Success Manager

Ayush Sharma, CEO

Ayush Sharma, CEO · November 30, 2023

Welcoming Sarah, our First Customer Success Manager article visual

At Warp, we are on a singular mission to make payroll and compliance as easy as possible for founders and operating teams. Because HR and Payroll is such a core function in any company, a big part of that is to make sure that founders get help from real human beings when they need it, rather than fashionable but kind of useless chatbots.

Since starting Warp, Adam and I have handled most of our customer support tickets. This was to ensure founders get the best experience possible while using Warp, and to be as close to Warp’s customers as possible. We’ve grown in scale this past year, onboarding stellar teams and founders, and we have gotten more time to understand what makes our customers successful using Warp. That is why we are happy to welcome Sarah to the Warp team, as our first official customer success manager.

Sarah has worked with founders for many years now. Most recently, she was Chief of Staff / first hire at Capital (Party Round) where she helped founders get funded and manage company finances.

We asked Sarah a few rapid fire questions to get to know her better.

Q: Why did you decide to join Warp?

I wanted to work with founders again, solving for an issue I've experienced time and time again – pains of keeping a startup running

Q: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ben & Jerry's – The Tonight Dough

Q: What’s your favorite tool / app that you can’t live without?

Definitely Notion

I’m personally very excited to welcome Sarah to the team. In just her first two weeks, she’s proven to be a formidable member, quickly soaking up deep industry specific knowledge + raising the bar internally on fast and better communications with our customers.

Big thank you to Jordi Hays, CEO of Capital, for the intro to Sarah. And as always, thank you to all our customers and supporters who continue to push us to build an incredible product for founders.

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