Warp + Guideline: Easy 401(k) Benefits for Startups

Sarah Bai

Sarah Bai · January 15, 2024

Warp + Guideline: Easy 401(k) Benefits for Startups article visual

To attract the best people, 401(k) plans and matches remain an important tool for startups and growing businesses. However, startups often have a hard time navigating 401(k) plans because most plans through traditional payroll platforms are expensive and complicated, with little customization.

At Warp, our mission is to build the best payroll, benefits, and compliance platform that makes it super easy for startups to manage payroll operations. That is why today, we’re announcing Warp’s integration with Guideline – the top 401(k) provider in the US for 45,000+ businesses.

Guideline has many advantages for startups looking to get started with 401(k) plans:

  • Low fees (no AUM fee, no advisory fee, low employee fee)
  • Flexible rollovers and investment options
  • Payroll integration including automatic contributions and filing
  • Smooth and easy to use interface

Fully integrated 401(k) benefits in Warp

Traditional payroll providers have disconnected systems that don’t integrate well with each other and require startups to spend time figuring out what works best for them.

With Warp’s fully integrated 401(k) solution, startups can automatically handle contributions straight from their Warp dashboard. 401(k) contributions will appear on pay stubs and will automatically sync with filings, saving businesses the hassle of dealing with disconnected systems. Employers can also automatically notify their employees when they are eligible for 401(k) from within the Warp dashboard.

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To get started with 401(k) benefits in Warp through Guideline:

  1. In Warp, go to the Benefits tab and click Get Started to onboard with Guideline.
  2. Complete Guideline’s simple questionnaire flow to link an existing plan or create a new one.
  3. Guideline and Warp teams will assist you in selecting the best plans for your business.

Explore Guideline plans

Navigating complex decisions to provide the best employee benefits doesn't have to be tough, which is why Warp makes it so simple.

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