Warp + Fondo: Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Tax Credits on Autopilot

Ayush Sharma, CEO

Ayush Sharma, CEO · February 6, 2024

Warp + Fondo: Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Tax Credits on Autopilot article visual

Beyond payroll compliance and operations that Warp handles, business compliance is just as important. Business compliance like bookkeeping and corporate tax can be a complicated process, even with internal support.

There are industry-specific requirements, as well as hidden fines and certain tax breaks that could end up costing you or saving you thousands. For a lot of founders, saving funds is extremely important, but it’s tricky to know where to start.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with Fondo, so founders get access to the best bookkeeping, corporate tax, and tax credits services to put accounting on autopilot.

Fondo is one of the top business accounting and tax firms for startups, the chosen bookkeeping partner for over 1000 top tier VC-backed companies.

$1 Delaware franchise tax filing

As standard practice, many VC-backed C-Corporations are incorporated in Delaware. Any corporation incorporated in Delaware must file an Annual Franchise Tax Report and pay Franchise Tax.

While this may not even be something that most founders are aware of, Warp wants to make sure that we’re providing all the best resources so that every company is meeting requirements beyond payroll compliance.

With the the Delaware Franchise Tax due March 1, Fondo is filing this specific tax for all applicable customers for only $1, a Fondo deal until February 20.

Get your Delaware franchise tax filed for $1.

R&D credits for Warp customers at a premium Fondo discount

Warp customers are automatically preferred Fondo customers, getting the highest discount for top bookkeeping services and a dedicated accounting team to handle all day-to-day accounting, reporting, and special tax credits.

Through Fondo, we highly encourage all founders to take advantage of applicable IRS credits and get cash back to use on payroll tax. This is no extra action for you, there are a lot of simple cash back filings just for building a business.

Fondo will look for all applicable tax breaks for you, and Warp customers get the best deal compared to other tax credit firms that charge up to 30% of the credit that you get back once they file. (If you get back $1000, other tax places charge $300!)

In comparison, Warp x Fondo premium customers only pay a small 8% fee. Be sure to use the Warp x Fondo custom sign up link to get the highest business discount for credit claiming service.

Payroll compliance and business compliance go hand in hand. It’s a no-brainer to add Fondo to our partnerships, and adding Fondo to your company’s operations stack is a sure way to cover your bases for compliance as well.

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