Warp Partners with Check

Ayush Sharma, CEO

Ayush Sharma, CEO · September 6, 2023

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At Warp, we're building a modern software platform for all payroll + compliance for startups. Our mission is to build the best platform for founders to run their companies, and never waste time on payroll ops ever again.

We went through Y Combinator's W23 batch a few months ago with just an idea, and quickly built a ton of products and got initial customers.

When starting out, we did a ton of stuff manually. As YC suggests, "do things that don't scale." But as we've grown, we wanted to automate as much of the internal payroll ops.

Payroll, at its core, is:

  • Calculating taxes
  • Moving $$$, and
  • Filing tax forms

Few years ago, the above infra was locked behind custom payroll engines of traditional payroll providers. What Check has done is essentially turn all of that into a bunch of API calls.

This paradigm shift in the payroll space is part of why I started building Warp. In a world where payroll infra is abstracted away, it matters much more what kind of payroll experience you can build for your customers.

With Warp, we are building a 10x better payroll platform specifically for founders and startups.

Startup founders and teams are often very busy, and yet traditional payroll providers expect them to spend hours every month doing annoying admin tasks.

Not only that, their user interface hasn't kept up with the needs of modern startups at all. Janky software, jargon, and tons of compliance paperwork. With Warp, we are fixing that.

Partnering with Check allows us to abstract away routine payroll ops, & focus on building a world-class payroll experience crafted for modern startups.

Check is a Series C company that's raised over $100M from Stripe, Bedrock, and more. Working with Andrew Brown and the whole Check team has been fantastic.

If you're a founder who wants to set up / switch payroll, get started with Warp now.

Go payroll-live in 10 mins.

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