Announcing Health Benefits in Warp

Adam Rankin

Adam Rankin · August 14, 2023

Announcing Health Benefits in Warp article visual

Even in 2023, getting healthcare setup for startups continues to be a pain.

I often get asked by founders:

  1. Can we setup health insurance for a small team, like my co-founder and me?
  2. Can we give coverage to our remote employees spread across various US states?
  3. Should we use a costly professional employer organization (PEO), as advised by the account executives at our existing payroll provider, to secure health coverage?

With Warp, our mission is to simplify all payroll-related operations for startup founders. And today, we are thrilled to announce that we're rolling out one of the most eagerly awaited features in Warp — an innovative Health Benefits solution tailored specifically for startups. This is going to revolutionize the way founders and operating teams handle health benefit needs, unlocking a ton of time, allowing founders to focus more on running their business.

Our goal was to reimagine the healthcare benefits experience for startups — from dynamic co-founders in home offices to extended teams of 40 spread across six states. To do this, we partnered with SimplyInsured — the #1 small business health insurance platform in the US. Now with Warp, startup teams can effortlessly set up extensive health benefits for their teams, right at their fingertips. No fuss, no complications, just a few simple clicks. As it should be.

How it works:

  1. Initiate Registration: With Warp, seamlessly synchronize all your employee data with SimplyInsured, updating instantly and hassle-free.
  2. Explore Options: Discover from hundreds of prime carriers and comprehensive plans. Match your team with a benefits package that exceeds their expectations.
  3. Efficient and Automated: Leave the complexities of payroll taxes and deductions to Warp. With complete automation, you're freed from any time-consuming setup process.

To integrate your payroll and health benefits, get started with Warp now.

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